Feel like a Kid Again

Remember what it was like learning to ride a bike as a kid? The freedom, the challenge, the accomplishment! Who says the good times have to end just because you’re an adult? My goal is to provide, safe, effective and enjoyable Mountain Bike skills instructional for adults and kids of all ages—no matter if you’ve ridden your whole life or just started with your first bicycle. Maybe you want to feel more confident on off-road trails so you can enjoy your time in the woods. Or maybe you want to be able to finally ride that technical section without stopping to put your foot down. Skills-based instruction will help you build confidence, ride more efficiently, and most importantly—have more fun on a Mountain Bike.

More than 1 Way to Learn on 2 Wheels

I don’t believe a “one size fits all” philospohy applies to learning how to ride a Mountain Bike. Just like a properly sized bicycle can make a huge difference in your riding experience, the right learning experience can change the way you look at bikes. My goal is to help you experience the joy of Mountain Biking at your pace and your level of comfort. Here are three ways you can improve your skills, boost your confidence, and ride at your best abilities:


Group Lessons

Learn to master Mountain Bike skills and techniques in a small group setting


RaceTune Coaching

Focused skill instruction to help you perform to your best at a specific event


Private Instruction

One-on-one Mountain Bike learning, on your trail, at your pace